Working to serve central Oakland County, including Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Waterford, and surrounding areas.

Connecting people with available resources.

Who we are

COVID Response is a network of leaders from various local community organizations, churches, and other agencies in central Oakland County who are working to establish connections between those in need and those with resources to meet those needs.

We aim to establish connections through consolidating information about available resources on our website, building a digital database of community needs, and locating direct help to meet those needs.

Consolidating Information

We are working to provide a central place where you can find information on food programs, community resources, education resources, and corporate giveaways while under the current protections against COVID-19 in our community.

Community Needs Database

We are asking people to fill out a simple form to let us know their needs, so we can personally connect them with the right resources in an efficient way.

Finding Volunteers and Resources

We are asking people who want to help others during this outbreak to fill out a brief survey of what they are able to offer, so we can help connect them to direct needs where possible.

Get help. Give help. Start here.

One simple form to get your info to our network.

Our network believes that the best help is the most specific help. When we can clarify our needs, we can find the right agency, resource, or person to help us. Whether you are in need of assistance; wanting to offer assistance such as delivery driving, childcare, or food resources; or desiring to do both, we ask you to please fill out the form and be as specific as possible. When you do, a member our network will review your responses and work to find you what you are looking for. 

Our network works best when more people fill out this form, so please share this form with people you know!

Contact us!

If there is another question you have, or an awesome resource you want to let us know about so we can feature it on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always looking for new and better information. 

Our Network

Our network includes a growing list of leaders from several organizations. 

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