Mobile missions, Inc., Macomb county

Mobile missions, Inc., Macomb county

Soperia Traylor Vice President of Mobile Mission Inc. shares what her Ministry has done during Covid-19 below.

Q: Background Information?

A: “Anthony Traylor, who is my husband of 30 yrs. We have done Ministry Missions for over 20 years. Our mission is committed to glorifying God by winning people to be committed to Jesus Christ and be more faithful disciples. Mobile Mission is a part of an International movement and evangelical part of the christian church. Our message is based on the bible and to preach the word of God while spreading the love Of Jesus Christ. Our Ministry is committed to Meeting the community’s needs without discrimantion throughout Wayne and Macomb County. Our Mobile Food Pantry operates on a limited budget through in-kind donations from bombas socks,Panera Bread, Starbucks, RedLobster, KFC and recognized through Macomb County Food Pantry Program & Focus Hope, as a leading provider of mobile food pantry for Macomb. We have provided over 1,000 meals/food/boxes, we have provided over 2,750 pairs of socks to low income, homeless, the elderly, and working poor. We have a senior program which is catered to senior age 60 years or or older, for those who are challenged, who can’t get to stationary food pantries.” Soperia said.

Q: Tell me about the Mobile Missions Ministry and how did it begin?

A: “Since the onset of the Corona-Virus 19 in March 2020, our Ministry has set up socially distanced tents outside in various areas within the macomb /wayne county areas, to provide food, PPE, distribute bibles, and prayer service to those that request. We are working on counselling for individuals who are traumatized during the pandemic. Mobile mission is not what we do, but who we are. My husband and I always had a desire to help others. One of the main reasons we started Mobile Missions is because of the pandemic and a-lot of people could get to a church service, or did not want to come into the church bldg. For whatever reasons, So.. we took the church to the people. We have 12 volunteers that work along with us to help us distribute food, supplies, who’s in need can’t get to stationary food pantries.” Soperia said

Q: How has your job changed during covid?

A: “We were formally in a building due to the pandemic and we would have clients come pick up food/items from the building, We decided to start a Mobile Food pantry and started delivering food /items to homes by placing them on their porches. alot of our clients we would embrace by giving a hand shake or hugs, we can no longer do since the pandemic, we wanted to show them we care and God still loves them.” Soperia said.

Q; What were your fears when Covid-19 hit in March?

A: “My concerns of being self funded, we could not expand and help as many people the way we would like to, My husband and I refused to stop our mission and decided to continue our mission from our home we are in great need of donations to help our mission to continually grow “Soperia said.

Q: Are you affiliated with Covid Response Organization?

A: “No, I was referred to Amarachi through the Macomb County Food Pantry program Senior office manager Jamie Lane. Amarachi asked if we assist some of her clients and was able to help some of the clients of the My Covid Response Org to give donations for those in need.” Soperia said.

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